Teachers say the darndest things (about intelligence)

It’s time for a thought experiment! Imagine what would happen if most people working in engineering did not have a correct understanding of the basic principles of physics. Alternatively, ponder what would happen if a majority of physicians had incorrect ideas about biology and the causes of disease. Of course, the result would be disastrous.

Forty years squandered by IQ environmentalists

The latest book that I have finished reading is James Flynn’s (1980) Race, IQ and Jensen. This is the earliest work by Flynn that I have ever read, and I can see in it seeds of his later thought. The heart of the book is a careful examination of the evidence regarding the hereditarian hypothesis


The latest book that I’ve finished is A History of American Gifted Education (Jolly, 2018), a lively tome that should be required reading for any graduate student or scholar in the field. Jennifer is a colleague, and we are guest co-editors on a special issue for a journal, and I am one of her associate

Leta Hollingworth was a eugenicist, too

Leta Hollingworth is one of the pioneers of gifted education. She was the first to create a research-based special curriculum for gifted children, and she was much more interested in the social and emotional development of gifted children than anyone else in the field at the time. Although neglected after her death, Hollingworth’s reputation made

Susannah Cahalan’s THE GREAT PRETENDER: Dross mixed with gold

I just finished reading Susannah Cahalan’s (2019) The Great Pretender. It is an exploration of the David Rosenhan’s famous article, “On Being Sane in Insane Places” (Rosenhan, 1973). The article was an account of eight healthy people who got themselves admitted to inpatient psychiatric facilities by stating that they were hearing voices. Seven of the

Mindset theory in jeopardy after 2 new studies

A few months ago, I identified a problem with mindset theory studies in the post-replication crisis era. Apparently, mindset interventions only work if Carol Dweck is a co-author on the study. That is not an indicator of a strong, enduring psychological phenomenon. Two more studies have been published in the past few months that do