Today is the release date for the second edition of my statistics textbook, Statistics for the Social Sciences: A General Linear Model Approach. I have previously blogged about the changes that make the book better than the first edition.

Cover of the second edition of Statistics for the Social Sciences: A General Linear Model Approach, published by Cambridge University Press.

Statistics for the Social Sciences remains the only undergraduate textbook that teaches students statistics through the lens of the General Linear Model. This helps students think about statistics the way that professionals do. It also makes new statistical procedures easier for students to learn because they see the interconnections among procedures.

I’m excited to start teaching with this updated version of the book. If you’re teaching a one-semester statistics course for undergraduates (or if you need a refresher or basic statistics yourself), I ask you to consider the book. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

You can order the book at, Cambridge University Press, and other book sellers.